A Study of Modern Traditional Witches

(Three Hands Press USA 2011)


A guide to modern traditional (non-Wiccan) witchcraft and its publicly known practitioners. It examines in-depth the lives, beliefs and practices of leading practitioners of the Old Craft in the UK, USA and Australia including Cecil Williamson, Robert Cochrane, Norman Gills, Monica English, Charles Cardell, E.W. Liddell, Victor Anderson, Ronald White and George Stannard, Alistair Clay-Egerton, Rosaleen Norton and Andrew D. Chumbley. The book also describes the history, mythos, beliefs and rituals of such modern traditional groups as the Cultus Sabbati, the Royal Windsor Cuveen, The Regency, Whitestone, the Pickingill Craft, the Greenwood Coven of Arden, the Horseman’s Word, the Grey Goosefeather Coven, the Skull and Bones and the Feri tradition.