(Capall Bann Publishing Ltd 2004)


A companion volume to The Pillars of Tubal Cain that expands on its material and themes. It challenges the Judeo-Christian orthodoxy that the so-called ‘fallen angels’ fell from heavenly grace and became demons imprisoned in the earth and that the rebel angel Lumiel or Lucifer was the supreme cosmic principle of evil. Topics include how the early church demonised the ‘fallen angels’ and their origins in the ancient Middle East, the universal Deluge or Great Flood, the goddess of the dark moon Lilith, and the occult secret societies that historically followed the Luciferian tradition including the Yezedi or Kurdish followers of the Peacock Angel, the Order of Knights Templar, the Ophites, the Mandeans and modern groups such as Our Lady of Endor Coven and the Order of the Morning Star.