A Mythos of Modern Traditional Witchcraft

(Capall Bann Publishing Ltd 1999)


Written under his pen-name of ‘Gwyn’, in this book Michael Howard provides the beginner with an overview of traditional witchcraft as it is practised today. He compares it with modern neo-pagan witchcraft or Wicca and provides detailed information on the working tools of the traditional witch, the horned witch god and the witch goddess, casting the magical circle, ‘passing the power’ in hereditary and traditional witchcraft, healing and cursing, necromancy, shapeshifting, familiar spirits and spirit guides, working with elementals and Faerie, and pyschic protection and self-defence. There are also chapters on the Mythic Theme of the ritual Wheel of the Year and its seasonal festivals. The book concludes with the relevance of traditional witchcraft in the twenty-first century.