Volume I – Witchcraft in the British Isles

(Three Hands Press 2009)


The widespread belief in witches and wizards in Wales reflects a land steeped in legend and myth since ancient times. The witch’s power to harm people, livestock and crops was greatly feared and for this reason ordinary people of all social classes consulted cunning men and wise-women who they believed could counteract or negate their spells and curses. The Welsh cunning folk were also consulted for love spells, forecasting the future, finding lost or stolen property and missing persons, healing the sick, exorcising ghosts and banishing evil spirits. This book describes these practitioners of folk magic including druids, Toadmen and faery doctors. Also examined are surviving beliefs associated with holy wells and sacred springs and the Celtic cult of the sacred head and ‘night creatures’ such as faeries, lake monsters, dragons and Black Dogs.